About the Author

Brenda, as a mother and teacher, realizes the benefit of a simple yet clear message especially for early readers. She tries to bring that concept to her books along with an empowering message that children can and do make a difference. Her love and appreciation for the behavior of children and animals is apparent in her charming, little books.

Two of her early books deal with a recycling theme.  Tireless Toby The Tire and Joyful Jake The Jelly Jar show children in a very simple way the benefits of reusing everyday items.

Riley, a smart, sensitive, and assertive dog; Sundae, an independent calico cat who needs and finds a friend; Charlie, a dog who helps his owner get healthy; and Carrie,a bird who seeks and gets help saving her nest: all work to stimulate the young mind with beautiful illustrations.

Horse Sense is a departure in that rather than tell a story, it is a collection of barnyard activities seen from the horse’s perspective. It’s amusing and guaranteed to make any horse enthusiast smile. Brenda shares photos of her own beautiful horses and some of her special moments at the barn.