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Are we monitoring our children closely enough on social media?

Many articles have been written lately regarding our children and the harmful nature of social media. We know it can be a positive vehicle in so many ways but are we paying attention to the negatives?

We hear about cyber-bullying and how it can be devastating and even fatal when we read about a teen suicide related to online bullying but do think it could happen to our child?

We know that social media is a distraction for all of us but do we realize how much it can detract from a child’s learning not only as a “time snatcher” but also as a source of misleading and biased statements?

We, on an intellectual level, understand that social media can be isolating and misrepresentative of others feelings towards us. Yet do we realize that children are losing the ability to form strong interpersonal relationships because there is far less “in person” communication?

Researchers are finding other problematic issues affecting developing children such as: poor self esteem, obesity, sleep problems and exposure to sexually explicit messaging.

We, as adults and role models for our children, must examine our own relationship with social media. We should be cognizant of the messages we are sending to our children ( pardon the pun ). Next time we find ourselves overly concerned about our appearance in the latest picture posted online,we should also pay attention to who is watching.

Parents could benefit themselves and their children by working with them to establish strategies to use this wondrous technology effectively and safely.

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