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Eating Family Meals Together……Is It Important?

In today’s busy world, parents find themselves rushing from one after school activity to another, with hardly a moment to spare.  They grab an energy bar here and fast food there to try to quell hunger pangs.  But, is this a healthy life style for our children?

Researchers think not.  Studies have shown that children who eat regular family meals together are healthier.  They are less likely to be obese, and have lower rates of teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and depression.  Scientists found that while home cooked meals are generally more nutritious, the critical health factors involved the opportunity to bond and share information, feelings and ideas.  Children who ate meals with their families generally showed better scores at school with higher grade point averages and they showed higher self esteem.  In addition, it presented a great informal way for parents to teach children life’s lessons as well as family values and traditions.

The prospect of so many positives coming from a sit down at the dinner table for about an hour a day has been shown to be significant.  Is eating family meals together potentially important in the overall development of children?  I, for one, say YES!

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