Sad, and alarming is the fact that child obesity has increased during the pandemic.  In fact, it has increased by 2% and is most pronounced in the age group between 5 to 9 years according to Dr. Brian Jenssen as reported in the March 2021 online publication of ‘Pediatrics’. We know that our children have […]

Are we monitoring our children closely enough on social media?

Many articles have been written lately regarding our children and the harmful nature of social media. We know it can be a positive vehicle in so many ways but are we paying attention to the negatives? We hear about cyber-bullying and how it can be devastating and even fatal when we read about a teen […]

Is Preschool Valuable or Simply an Expensive Fad?

The debate lingers on about whether or not preschool is necessary or even beneficial for our young children. Overwhelming research shows that giving young children a “leg up” early on can pay off later with long term benefits. According to Todd Grindal of the Harvard Graduate School of Education a child’s brain grows to 90 […]

Eating Family Meals Together……Is It Important?

In today’s busy world, parents find themselves rushing from one after school activity to another, with hardly a moment to spare.  They grab an energy bar here and fast food there to try to quell hunger pangs.  But, is this a healthy life style for our children? Researchers think not.  Studies have shown that children […]

Stacking Happy Memories-One Book at a Time

I have enjoyed many happy times with my daughters. But none happier than those involving reading books together. The library was always a welcoming place when my girls were growing up, with it’s soft lighting and the distinctive smell of the written word. We often attended special story times presented there. But mostly we made […]

Lack of Sleep-A Problem in Children?

I think we have all come to realize that lack of sleep is associated with drowsiness, irritability and decreased functioning ability in adults. Sadly, it is not uncommon to hear of a driver falling asleep at the wheel causing an accident. But what of the effects of sleep deprivation in children? Parents and teachers instinctively […]

Enhancing reading experience and creative thinking

Here are some activities parents and teachers can use to enhance the reading experience and encourage creative thinking: 1) Read to and with your child every day. 2) Have the child read the book back to you. 3) Ask the very young child to tell you what the story is about. 4) Specifically, ask for […]