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Stacking Happy Memories-One Book at a Time

I have enjoyed many happy times with my daughters. But none happier than those involving reading books together.

The library was always a welcoming place when my girls were growing up, with it’s soft lighting and the distinctive smell of the written word. We often attended special story times presented there. But mostly we made weekly visits where we unceremoniously sat on the floor in a cozy corner surrounded by books. We spent countless hours enjoying storybook after storybook until (overtaken by hunger or the need for a nap) we reluctantly stood in line to check out our chosen treasures.

We always looked forward to Book Fairs held at their school. Each of my daughters was allowed to buy several books. On one beautiful Spring day we made our purchases and proceeded to walk home. Too excited to wait, my daughters begged to stop and read a book. So, finding a grassy patch off the busy road and sidewalk, that’s exactly what we did! Sitting in the warm afternoon sun engrossed in reading, we were oblivious to people hurrying by on foot and in their cars.

Bedtime reading was a wonderful tradition in our family. It was like clockwork; bath time, story time, and bedtime. The clean, sweet smell of soap and shampoo seemed to go well with the reading of a book or books! After a busy day, the girls would finally get drowsy with sleep soon to follow. Sometimes, it didn’t always go as planned. My husband and I would be the ones falling asleep while the girls were asking for just one more story!

Maybe it was the “cuddle time” that went so naturally with story time that made reading so special. Whatever the case, the warm connections were, and still are, real. We agree in our family that we stacked up many happy memories, one book at a time!

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